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Geokatsu~ko! (ジオカツ〜コ! in Japanese, 거 카쓰 ~ 코! in Korean) is a Japanese and Korean magical girl series created by Hanami Hatake being produced by Vnet KOREA, Japan, and America.


An anime is planned for the Geokatsu~ko! doujinshi.

Geokatsu~ko! - Application~tan Project!

For more information: Application~tan Project!

Season One Main Logo Concept

"The series focuses on a young girl Starii and her sisters, becoming magical girls and going on adventures while trying to maintain her life as a high school girl!

But Starii is forced to deal with hardships at school, unhealthy relationships with her sisters and mother, and the fact that her crush probably does not like her back. Starii is about to lose hope when suddenly, a Youkai appears! And it's going to attack GeoPara!

Starii now has to deal with battling Youkai, attending Yumehiro Magic Academy during the day and Yumenopara Magical Private Academy at night. Her grades are dropping immensely, and her chances of ever confessing to her crush are very low now!

Miyumi Arisugawa and Touko Haruko aren't doing so hot either, as they have to deal with the same stuff and all their plans are being canceled due to the large amounts of Youkai.

Will she and her sisters be able to handle all of this? Are their lives going to be negatively affected by their magical girl lives?"


A film is planned for the Geokatsu~ko! anime, though the possibility of it coming out is questionable.

Original Net Animation

Geokatsu~ko! if the Players were Majos

For more information: Geokatsu~ko! if the Players were Majos

Geokatsu~ko! if the Players were Majos is a planned original net animation based on the Geokatsu~ko! series. This series consists of 20 short episodes with stories about the Dashers taking a Majo form instead of being Dashers. There are many cameo characters, too.


Geomajo Shojo DoReMi Doujinshi

For more information: Geomajo Shojo DoReMi

Known for being Hanami Hatake's first manga series, Geokatsu~ko! is a web doujinshi being written and illustrated by Hanami Hatake. The manga's story served as a prequel to the anime, with many new characters, a new setting, and younger versions of the current characters.


Magical Beat Starry Skies

For more information: Magical Beat Starry Skies and Geokatsu~ko! US Version

The dub logo

Besides the Korean version, presumably the most familiar translation the series had.

For information regarding actual episodes, cuts, changes, and so forth, please visit episode pages!

Other Translations

For more information: Geokatsu~ko! (International)

The Geokatsu~ko! doujinshi and possible anime will be translated into many different languages.



A very nice concept. The crossover between Doremi, PriPara, Aikatsu, Donkatsu, Radio-tan, Subject-tan, Application-tan, and Geometry Dash was very clever. Well done guys! You've expanded every single one of those universes into a new crossover and it's pretty great. Better than the Winx Club knockoff you did in 2015, you westernboo. Well done, Hanami. Well done.

~ Okami Honoka, in response to Geokatsu~ko!


The series currently rated 6.9 out of 10.


  • The series name comes from the combination of many titles. "Geo" references Geometry Dash, Katsu references the Donkatsu and Aikatsu series, and -ko means child.
  • The series' title has been mistakenly romanized as 'Geokatsu' on several occasions.'


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